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Les Broken Toys de Loïc Jugue

The Broken Toys From Loïc Jugue

The Broken toys are an artistic work, available in multiple forms: videos, sculptures, installations and photographs. What I present to you here are the photographs taken of a high definition canon 5DS.

My Broken toys are created of used toys, often abandoned, that I am given or that I buy at flea markets or at Emmaüs, and to which I subject a certain number of transformations under the action of fire or other processes.

What fascinates me in these burnt dolls is the detail of the material, the carbonized plastic or simply modified by the action of heat. Deep blacks, wrinkles and crevices, burnt caramel face, artificial hair that shrinks in the heat. Body hollowing out, deforming under the intensity of the flame...

These dolls undergo through fire and other destructive actions a sort of metamorphosis which takes them out of the world of childhood to go towards that of adults.

I tried to render these delicate materials using a very specific lighting work called ligthpainting which allows me in a way to paint with light. A very special light, all in chiaroscuro, (a kind of homage to Caravaggio... ), which I use to highlight these toys... and make the modeling of the abused material.

My Broken toys are at the same time playful, sarcastic and encourage a certain existential reflection...
Aren't we those broken toys?

Loïc Jugue

Les Broken Toys de Loïc Jugue

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